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Tokutei Visa and restaurant Japanese interviews have passed

May 23, 2020

2 men connected to Grab Your Future on 1.11.2022. 2 women answered the interview and 2 women passed the interview.

On 10.11.2022, there were 2 interviewees for Tokutei (hotel industry), and both of them passed. On 16.11.2022, 2 interviewed with Tokutei Visa (Restaurant Business) and both were selected.

Construction at Tokutei Ginou Visa hotel fish industry Covering 14 types of jobs such as manufacturing of raw materials, etc. Tokutei Ginou Level 1 holders will be allowed to live and work in Japan for 5 years, and Level 2 holders will have the right to work for an unlimited number of years and bring their family to Japan.

Training Visa from Grab Your Future for those looking for Japanese job opportunities. Work Visa Tokutei Ginou is connecting people to get jobs through visa systems.


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